Halloumi Salad: 5 minute recipe

I’ve not blogged for ages! Here is a quick recipe I made after school. I first tried something similar to this at Comptoir Libanais in Bath and I wanted to try and recreate it at home so I bought some Mymoune Lebanese Zatar spice from their shop. This is definitely the secret ingredient! You also only need a few other ingredients – halloumi cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, black olives and I garnished with fennel from the garden but you could also use mint, parsley or coriander.


Healthy recipe for school: spinach & oatmeal cookies

Here is a recipe that I included in our school’s recent healthy eating campaign. You only need four ingredients and it’s super quick to make. I love to snack on these after my swimming class!

You will need some washed spinach, banana, oatmeal and vanilla essence. Put the spinach and chopped banana into a food processor and blitz till all gooey. Then fold in the oats (I use oat bran but normal porridge oats are fine). Shape into patties and put onto greaseproof paper. Bake until they are dry and have a slight baked look to the surface. Serve with some yummy jalapeño jam! Recipe from GrimGrains


White chocolate blondies with raspberries

I made these after school today – really quick to make, didn’t last long, have nearly scoffed the lot! I first tried these at Melange Chocolate Shop in Peckham. White chocolate is my favourite kind of chocolate (even though my mum says it’s not proper chocolate!). Recipe from the BBC Food web site.

225g caster sugar
4 free-range eggs
225g butter, melted, plus extra for greasing
150g plain flour, sifted
225g white chocolate, chopped
Handful of raspberries

Churros with White Chocolate Sauce

Just incase you didn’t know, I only like white chocolate, even though my mum says that it’s not real chocolate. So Chef Maya showed me how to make churros with white chocolate sauce – she usually does a dark chocolate sauce. Churros are deep-fried and sugary so don’t eat them too often! Chef Maya has a pop-up tapas restaurant at House of Tippler in East Dulwich. I wish I could eat there every day!

Spinach & Oatmeal Vegan Cookies

Here’s a very easy recipe that makes a great lunchbox filler or after-school snack. It’s also vegan, only has 4 ingredients and is very healthy for you! We ate the cookies dunked in Mean Green Food‘s scotch bonnet sauce. I’m cooking in Camberwell with my friend Gita. The recipe is taken from the GrimGrains blog.

Chopped spinach
Chopped oatmeal
2 bananas
Vanilla extract