Hi there – I’ve had a YouTube channel for a while but I’ve only just started putting all the recipes into a blog. I’m 8 years old and live in East Dulwich. I like trying new foods and eating at different restaurants. I also love cooking with my chef friends and I want to work in a kitchen as soon as I am old enough!

My favourite places to eat are:
Pretty Tapas @ House of Tippler (Chef Maya cooks the best food!)
Yama Momo sushi (check out the buffet!)
Van Hing Vietnamese in Camberwell
The Crust Conductor in Peckham
Salas Moroccan wraps & Asian take-away on Rye Lane, Peckham

My favourite shops to buy food are:
Wang Jia supermarket on Rye Lane, SE15 for kimchi, vermicelli noodles, dumpling wrappers, panko breadcrumbs.
Kim Lien Mini Market on Peckham High Street. They do fresh chicken banh mi baguettes every morning. They also have some amazing frozen duck which is already roasted so it just needs reheating.
LIDL Peckham Рfind me in the cheese aisle! Other bits I stock up on include free range chicken, truffle oil, flour, butter. The list goes on!

Here are some of my favourite photos including lots of my chef friends from South London.