Crust Conductor Pizza Bus

Today I made pizza on the Crust Conductor bus in Copeland Park, Peckham with Chef Johnnie. We made a scrumdiliumpitous Plain Jane (margherita) with fresh Rocket, Mmm yum! So how we made was that we got the dough and patted it on flour with our palm and stretched  it to about 12 inches big. I rolled it with the rolling pin and turned it  half way and kept rolling until it was circular, then finished stretching it by hand. Then we added the “Secret Recipe Passata.” and we poured half a ladle spoon in to the centre of the dough and slowly spreaded it around the dough. We topped it with 100% mozzarella and used a paddle  to put it in the wood-fired oven. It started bubbling up after only a minute in the oven, so it needed to be turned around to cook evenly. Once it was out, we topped it with fresh rocket and I gobbled it up on the top deck of the bus.

Chinese Sticky Beef with Fennel ‘Slaw

Here I am in Berlin cooking with my friend Chef April. We went to a market in Prenzlauer Berg to buy the fennel and apples to make the ‘slaw and the rump steak was from a nearby butcher. All the other ingredients were from April’s store cupboard. A little bit of prep time is required to marinade the meat but it’s definitely worth it – tastier than a Chinese takeaway. The ‘slaw makes a fresh and tangy accompaniment to the rich, sticky beef.

Recipe coming soon.

Sushi Hand Roll with Tempura Prawn

My friend Mairead is staying with me and we made sushi hand rolls. These would cost about £3 at a restaurant but we made around 10 rolls for £5. The prawn tempura, seaweed, sushi rice and sesame seasoning are easy to find at any supermarket and/or chinese supermarket. Our avocado wasn’t ripe so we couldn’t use it 😦

Nori seaweed
Sushi rice (seasoned)
Sesame seeds
Prawn tempura

Portuguese Rissóis with Prawns

My friend Telma helped me cooked these delicious Portuguese rissóis with a yummy prawn filling. You just need a few ingredients to make this delicious snack. Recipe below the video.

Butter (100g)
Tomato Puree

Deep-fat fryer