After my visit to the Jamie Oliver Cookery School, I decided to try out his pizza dough recipe using strong bread flour instead of ’00’ flour because we don’t have any of that at home. It was really tricky to keep all the liquid within the well in the flour but after I got stuck into it, it was easy to knead it all together. For the topping, I used tomato passata and added some crushed garlic and Italian dried herbs (simmered in a pan for 5 minutes). I used Laverstoke Park Organic Buffalo Mozzarella (currently on special offer at Waitrose) for the topping which goes all gooey and stretchy when put into a really hot oven. I also tried out a pizza tray with holes in it to make the crust crispy. It worked!

2 thoughts on “Pizza Margherita

  1. What a star chef you already are! That was such a great recipe and it was delicious.. You are also an inspiration for my son.. he wants to cook with me all the time now! Well done Iris!
    Nathalie xxx


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