Kimchi Crepes with AYA Peckham

I cooked kimchi crepes with AYA at Fat Boy in Peckham. Kimchi is korean fermented cabbage which is spicy and garlicky and very good for you. The crepe is a very yummy vegetarian recipe and easy to cook! It goes well with the Morning Green Juice. Ingredients below the video.

Plain Flour
Soy sauce
Balsamic glaze

AYA – photo by Leanne Dixon

Gnocchi & Pesto

Here I am cooking with my school chum Sean. Gnocchi are really easy to make and taste a billion times better than the vacuum packed stuff in the supermarket. We put in a bit too much garlic into the pesto though, mamma mia!


1 egg
200g plain flour
2 potatoes

Olive Oil
4 cloves of garlic
Pine Nuts

Cooking calamari with Chef Maya

Chef Maya cooks the best food! She is the Head Chef at Pretty Tapas which is currently hosted at House of Tippler in East Dulwich. Do go along and check it out. I recommend the calamari which is my favourite dish. We bought the baby squid from Moxons on Lordship Lane, SE22. We used a special Spanish semolina flour for frying called ‘harinas el vaporcito’. We also made the mayonnaise too! Ingredients below the videos.

Frozen Whole Baby Squid (from Moxons SE22)
Spanish frying flour (available from Spanish delis, or substitute with equal amounts of plain flour and breadcrumbs mixed together)
Vegetable Oil
Flat-leaf parsley
Lime/Lemon to serve

Olive oil
Vegetable Oil
1 egg yolk
Salt & Pepper
Crushed garlic

Molecular Strawberry Spaghetti

I am always scoffing Yo-Yo Bears and my mum said we should try making fruit spaghetti. We gave it a go but it wasn’t as tasty as the fruit Yo-Yos, but it was lots of fun to make. The agar-agar made it taste a bit seaweedy. It’s a vegan alternative to gelatine. Ingredients and equipment below the video.

2g Agar Agar
1 tablespoon sugar
3/4 cup of fruit juice (freshly squeezed and blended)
80 mls water

You will need a large syringe, 1 metre tubing and ice water.